Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Charity support - Carers for wildlife Australia

Carers for Wildlife Australia

Australian wildlife is under threat. The effects of global warming are pretty severe in the land down under which is already known for its volatile climate. Urbanisation and farming also have their effect and to top it all off we have, at the time of writing, a government that is the laughing stock of the western world. Anyone who still doesn’t acknowledge we have a serious environmental problem with all the pollution we produce should be put in a sanctuary themselves. 

Meanwhile Australia is also home to a lot of very good and caring people. People that take injured wildlife into their home and volunteer to help them recover. Just try to imagine the damage a hopping Kangaroo in the living room can make to understand the dedication and caring nature of these people. As Australia is home to the deadliest snakes in the world, there are Australians caring for them too!

The big changes Australia has gone through in barely 200 years have a huge impact on the indigenous animals, who had for thousands of years lived on an island protected from many of the predators found in the rest of the world. Then the English came and brought their pets and pests with them. The effects on the defenceless native wildlife has been enormous. 

Luckily there are also many organisations willing to make a difference. Organisations that need volunteers and financial support to be able to keep making a difference. We don’t want to list one of them as the best one as we know they all do good work. They are also all needed as Australian wildlife is going through such a hard time that they need all the help they can get. Visit the pages we have linked below and donate so they can help.

Wildcare Australia 
The aims and objectives of Wildcare Australia rescue and care for sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native wildlife with the intention of returning them to the wild. see wildcare.org.au

Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service. They have a very informative website with free to download fact sheets on living with Australian native animals, see www.wires.org.au

Australian Wildlife Conservancy
Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) was established more than 10 years ago because Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and a very high proportion of our surviving animals and plants (over 1,700 species) are listed as threatened with extinction. - See more at: www.australianwildlife.org/about/about.aspx

World League for Protection of Animals
An Australian campaign and rescue organisation which has been fighting for the rights and well being of animals, both native and non-native, since 1935. See www.wlpa.org/about/

Photos courtesy Wildcare Australia