Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What do you do at the end of an epic adventure?

So what happens at the end of an epic trip? What do you do when you've travelled around the world for 4 years and have set multiple world records in doing so? Well... unless you are financially very fortunate, which we ain't, it definitely means back to work! Obviously it would be a waste to simply drop back into what we had been doing before and pretend nothing had happened and nothing had changed. Because a lot has happened and a lot has changed! Our perspective on life has changed, we have changed and our view on the world has changed too. At the same time we felt we had to do something with the wealth of experiences and knowledge done up over the past 4 years and riding a motorcycle literally around the globe. So why not combine it all? That's why we've setup Nomad-ADV. 

The preparation of a motorcycle, any motorcycle, into a capable adventure machine is why we've setup Nomad-ADV. We don't just sell parts and fit them, we can build travel bikes from scratch. Whether it is adapting the machine you have and love to ride into a capable travel bike or setting up a brand new one to your dreams, Nomad-ADV is the place to do it. We don't just fit accessoires but setup bikes based upon our own experience of traveling around the world for 4 years and do so in a no-nonsense way. Our advice is practical, we know what works and what doesn't, we also know what can be repaired along the way and what can't. The emphasis for any modification or setup is always on you being able to do your trip, rather than what looks cool in the showroom. Which is why the only thing you will find in our showroom are our own bikes. The bikes that have been around the world, which shows the battle scars, or as we call it signs of life. Obviously we need certain parts and accessories on top of what we make ourselves to outfit your bike. Adding a website to Nomad-ADV where we can showcase some of our ideas and have parts and accessories available was a logical step. Checkout Nomad-ADV.com via the link below now!

One of the things we found very early on is that weight is a killer of enjoyment. Most bikes and all adventure bikes are simply way too heavy. Forget the sales pitch that you won't notice the weight, as you will when it starts sliding downhill or doesn't want to go uphill. You'll also notice it when you can't pick the damn thing up... our get trapped under it in a simple topple over and can't shift it as it's too heavy (while burning through your leg). 
The other thing you'll notice is that a heavy bike is a lot harder to slow down for a bend on gravel due to its weight it simply wants to plough on straight ahead. The same applies when you want to shift to the other track, it just doesn't want to do it. And when it does the front wheel digs in, starts crabbing and then throws you on the ground. 
A light weight bike won't have any of those issues. They allow you to go with ease where the big bike is a struggle. That's why with Nomad-ADV we've concentrated on enduro conversions and particularly the KTM and Husqvarna ones as they have, in our humble opinion the best engine and chassis of the lot.