Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rukka Motorcycle gloves review

Rukka gloves
Since july 2014 we are using Rukka gloves. The Him summer gloves and Cosmo ones for colder weather. We've used them for 5,000 km as I write this and found them very comfortable and so far the Cosmo is waterproof too (the Him summer glove isn't as it has ventilation everywhere for hot weather). We've used the Him the most so far, it is summer after all and 18 hour days have proved to be no problem. They have plenty of grip due to little rubber dots in strategic locations. Just like the jackets and pants, the Rukka gloves look and feel very much a quality product.

Evaluation after 23,000km. An extract the our post 'All our gear after two years on the road'

Before I had Rukka gloves, my warm weather gloves had been thin leather with an open mesh type top. They were sold as motorcycle gloves but to be fair offered little or no protection. We now use Rukka Him summer gloves. They have proper protection in them and ventilation. Temperature wise they work even better than the open mesh ones I had before. They are comfortable and lightweight. I really like them. The only thing to remember is that they are not waterproof (I tested that too!)
For colder weather we use Rukka Cosmo gloves, which have proven to be 100% waterproof. I would like to add that these are the first gloves I've had that are waterproof even after days of rain… and heavy downpours too. They are comfortable and just like the jackets and pants cover a wide range of temperatures in comfort.
We really love our Rukka gear, all of it! It just works, which may seem like a simple statement but as we've found over the years most motorcycle gear doesn't work as well as promised, with Rukka it does!

Since visiting Rukka we have two more pair of gloves for evaluation. One a waterproof glove for warmer temperatures, the Apollo. The other for the same conditions but in fabric rather than leather: the Virium. The Virium has a special strip of fabric built-in to allow the use of touch screens with gloves on! We've tested it and it works on our iPod! The only thing we can say of them so far, having not had them for long, is that they are comfortable.