Thursday, October 31, 2013

Motorcycle clothing

All our gear drying after a particularly wet couple of days in New Zealand
In the USA most people on Cruisers wear nothing much more than a singlet and shorts. The helmet is replaced by a bandana and boots still have spurs. If that's, in your view, an acceptable way of riding a motorcycle than this section isn't for you. If you are somewhat more responsible, not only to yourself but also to the people around you and the people you leave behind when you do come off, then you'll agree there are better ways to ride.

Motorcycle clothing comes in various forms and styles. From the customs boys in fancy leathers to the racing boys in fancy colours and not to forget the adventure boys in fancy attack style outfits. To me the clothes I wear must be comfortable and offer me some form of protection related to what I'm doing. Just as there is no need to wear rain gear when it doesn't rain, there is also no need to wear something that will keep you warm when it's already blistering hot. This simple statement brings us to the main problem with motorcycle clothing; it has to be suitable for so many different weather conditions that it's impossible to combine in one garment. No matter what the manufacturers will tell you; wearing a full size bike jacket when it's that hot that the crows fly with there beak open is not going to be comfortable, not even in a 2000 dollar jacket.

There are so called all season jackets that have removable thermal liners, removable waterproof liners and zippered ventilation panels all over the place. It may seem a good option, but you'll end up with so many zippered off liners that you have to store somewhere that you might as well take separate rain gear.

By clicking on the tabs above we take you to our findings of the various pieces of gear we looked at and disregarded. We also show you what we did take and how well, or not, it did perform.