Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm doing it!

Mike was ecstatic today. Even-though we were at a place where we had been many times before, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. One of the most iconic roads in the world seemed a fitting starting point for a roadtrip around the world. The beginning of a Great trip starts at a Great road in a Great country! After months of planning and debating on how to do this, we were doing it now! Mike had worked hard to get his license at the first opportunity, made sure he passed the competency test at the first attempt. He also had to pass his school exams or we couldn't go at all! It had been a stressful year but now he felt rewarded for all his work and was enjoying the moment. Well done Mate, now keep the shiny side up please.

The best motorcycle shop I've seen in the world. Modak, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. In the centre of Melbourne is this gem of a place that hasn't changed for decades and still sells everything you need for proper motorcycles.
We were at the Great Ocean Road, at the beginning of our ride around the world. The Great Ocean Road was also to be the start of a new world record for the youngest person to travel around the world by motorcycle. The last weeks we ran into so many problems with getting an insurance arranged for Mike that I wondered out of pure frustration 'is he the only one travelling at his age or something?' As it turned out he is! So the family ride also became a world record attempt. We have no idea if we can pull it off, but at least he's trying!

Despite the 'yes' moment as we now had properly started, we all felt a bit unhinged as well. We had left the house behind and left the Island we had lived on for 4 years too. Ahead was the great unknown. We had taken a couple of days off to relax a bit, enjoy the Great Ocean Road and get ready for the first motorcycle shipping experience. In about a week they will be shipped to New Zealand.

One of our favourite places along the Great Ocean Road is Cape Otway. If you want to see Koalas then this is the place to go to. There is a campground in the National Park as well, which is a nice place to camp. The Koalas can be found just along the road, high up in the trees. Dozens of them. It was our last look at them for a long time. We saw Kangaroos and the occasional snake too. New Zealand doesn't have Kangaroos or snakes (as far as we know) so we wouldn't see them for a while either.

Our favourite motorcycle shop is here as well: Modak in Melbourne, not that far away from the Great Ocean Road. Just look at the interior of this place! We bought a couple of T-shirts, very good quality according to the old lady behind the counter. The Great Ride had started. Mike: 'Bring it on! One day I will be back at the same spot where I started, I just hope it won't be next week!'