Friday, December 27, 2013

It never rains in Mexico in winter… Yeah, right!

Well, that's what they said… Who are 'they'? Canadian 'snowbirds' that have been coming here for years. All we can say now is 'what do they know!' :-) The night of the 25th we got a good drenching, so much so that on the day of the 26th everything was hanging out to dry everywhere. Then it started to rain again during the night of the 26th… and a lot harder. Drains got clogged while at the same time an unbelievable amount of water came down…

Around 2 am I noticed a lot of water flowing under the tent too. Yes under the tent! At that stage I thought it was run-off from the roof we have over our tents. Half an hour later we knew better! The tents were floating in 15cm deep water…and we had to get out.

What we stumbled into was a lake. A lake with two tents, 3 motorcycles and a lot of trailers in it. A deep lake too as at several places it was almost knee-deep. The RV park had become a Marina. Shoes, coolers, surfboards and boxes floated past as we sat on plastic chairs in the water with our feet up. The drains had become clogged up with gravel and dirt, which had washed down with the monstrous amounts of rain. One could argue that the drains are perhaps not big enough, or that the maintenance to them wasn't up to scratch.
It's easy to comment from an armchair. All I can say is; it does happen, and can happen anywhere. What surprised me is that half the park was digging in the morning to open the drains! No moaning and groaning but dig into it and solve the problem. The owner was digging a big trench himself on the beach and opened up the outlet side of the drainpipe while other residents were opening up the inside part of the drain inside the park, knee-deep in water. This place truly has a good spirit!
The catch of the day

After all the work had been done, everyone started looking for their belongings. Shoes, surfboards, cups, plates etc that had floated away. The rain had also brought a lot of fish in the bay… so guess what happened next? Everybody was out fishing and everything was back to normal. We emptied the tent out, dried everything and made ourselves ready for the next load of rain. It never rains in Mexico in winter... Yeah right!