Monday, January 6, 2014

Charity support - Macaw Mountain

Macaw Mountain

We've personally seen the good work these people do. As is so often the case, it takes one man to start something amazing. Lloyd Davidson came to Honduras and saw the Scarlet Macaw, Honduras' national bird, close to extinction. Rather than sitting back and moan about it he took action. That we can still see Macaws around the Copan ruins today is because of this man! Of course he didn't do it all by himself, he found invaluable help from Ricardo Agurcia and the many volunteers that work at his bird sanctuary Macaw Heaven.

Seeing the work he has done and spending some time with this amazing man made me think 'people should know about this!' The work he has done for the majestic Macaw birds is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. He has not only brought them back from near extinction but is also doing everything right to ensure their future is good, including education at the schools. It is a lot of work though and as always doing good costs money.

Have a look at their website and see that your donation will be well spend. Contact them if you want for more information or donation options.