Monday, May 26, 2014

Campgrounds in Honduras

Comedor and Parque is all it said on the sign, opposite the Copán ruins, the tents and bikes under cover and food and drinks available too! Lovely family and as you can see they like motorbikes!
Now that we've come to the end of our journey through Honduras it's time to post our list of campgrounds. It's not an extensive list I'm afraid as camping is not a big 'thing' in Honduras. I haven't seen any Hondurans camping during our stay. 

Out of the 9 options, there are 3 we can't recommend. The D&D brewery is quite honestly terrible, simply because of the management. If you're a backpacker and like to be ripped off then feel free to go there. Both the campground options at the Tigra National Park were a no-go area due to robberies, vandalism and other problems while we were in Honduras. We left them in the list as matters might improve. All I can say is ask before you go and we can't say if the coordinates are accurate as for obvious reasons we haven't been there.

There are good camping options in Honduras too! Comedor and Parque is a very simple camping option. Don't expect 5 star luxury as they simply don't have that for themselves! What you can expect there is 5-star treatment. The people running it are so friendly and so lovely that it comes highly recommended nevertheless. They also cook breakfast and simple evening meals and are ideally situated opposite the Copán Ruins.

Finca Paradise comes highly recommended and despite camping and lodging only being a small part of their income, as it is a working coffee plantation, it is a beautiful place to stay. We ended up staying several days longer than planned as we enjoyed ourselves enormously. Highly recommended.

Mi Pequeno Jardin is an Italian restaurant that apparently offers camping as well. The place was closed while we were there. There were people cleaning up the outside and from what we gathered it could have re-opened in about a week but we're not sure. We've also included our route in the coordinates posted on our skydrive here. They are listed as H01 to H03, that doesn't mean we only stayed 3 days in Honduras though. We stayed almost two weeks and would have loved to stay longer if we hadn't been under time constraints. Information about the free maps we use for Gramin and how to download them can be found here.