Sunday, June 15, 2014

Camping in Nicaragua

Best place to camp in Nicaragua is literally between the monkeys, Volcan Masaya National Park, Nicaragua
Camping in Nicaragua wasn't easy. Apparently it isn't very popular and Nicaragua doesn't attract a lot of camping tourists. Nicaragua still seems to have that drugs 'tag'. Maybe there have been too many movies made with that reference. All we can say is that we had a great time in Nicaragua, didn't have any drugs issues or drugs related problems and wouldn't mind going back tomorrow!   

Armed guard on night duty... nice guy by the way
Camping was a bit of a problem then. The first night we stayed in the Volcan Masaya National park which strictly speaking doesn't have a campground as such. The park rangers had no problem with us camping there but there aren't toilets or showers near the camping area. The toilets are, for some reason, 2km back to the entrance of the park. But apart from that it's a great place to camp with beautiful views. Read about it here if you like.

The second night we were heading for a campground that was listed on the web somewhere and probably a practical joke as it had never existed. In the end it all came good as we found Charly's Bar and Guesthouse, more on which can be found here.

Not a campground but a guesthouse, but what a great place to stay!
The third place we tried to camp was the worst surfie camp I've seen anywhere. Disgusting wasn't the even the word for it. The fourth gave us a prisoner of war camp feeling. Not really recommended.
The campgrounds we found are in sharp contrast with the people we met. Nicaragua is as friendly as all Central American countries and like I said in the intro we would go back tomorrow if we could. Just camping wise we can't recommend anything but Volcan Masaya and Charly's Guesthouse. With the benefit of hindsight I would stay at Charly's and make day trips from there.

Pitching our tents at the balcony of the Volcan Masaya visitor centre, overlooking the valley below.