Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here's how it all started!

Mike's great-grandfather on his 500cc DKW, no Goretex in those days!
The lady on the second bike from right is Mike's
great-grandmother, photo taken ca 1949
Why does anyone like motorcycling. I guess that question has different answers depending on who you ask. With Mike it's probably in the genes. He recently posted a photo of his great-grandmother posing before his mums bike. Which had all sort of replies and even resulted in more photos being un-earthed and mailed to us! Which inspired me to write this post. It seems that motorcycling is more 'in' our family than any of us realised! Mike's great-granddad from his mother's side had a DKW 500 2-stroke twin. His grandfather from his fathers' side has racing experience in the 50cc 2-stroke class with a Demm. He even managed to get in the newspaper with that when he crashed it into a car and ended up in hospital in the process. The article was called 'Mum's fear!' Later he also bought a DKW Norton 16H and went to work for years on a CZ. He ended up in hospital for the second time, years later, when his Honda 750 went in a speed wobble.

… and the same lady in 2014!
His dad, that's me, started riding at 11 years of age and managed to do a full and totally unplanned summer-sault one year later… on an off-road racetrack. Luckily I was wearing a helmet… as I literally landed on my head. My first road bike was a Honda 350-4. While still on a learner plate I 'progressed' to a Honda 750! 

His mum, Jeanette, started riding at 22 years of age on a 350 Moto Guzzi. We've had a whole collection of bikes over the years, ranging from the worst Bonneville ever made ('71) to an MZ 250 with sidecar. When Mike's neck was deemed strong enough for a helmet, he found a spot in the Royal Enfield with Velorex sidecar. At 3 years of age he went on his first long motorcycle trip… is it in the genes? More 'chucked in with a spoon' I'd say. I guess it must be embedded in his brain :-)

Mike's own motorcycling experience started when he was 12, with a Yamaha 125 off-road bike when we were living at an Australian Outback station. His first road bike came at 16 years of age and is the same one he is now on a trip around the world on!

Mike's first road bike, he just passed his license test and only months before starting his trip around the world… on the same bike!

His first road miles started on gravel, on the driveway of our shack/house in Tasmania

The MOST test, part of the motorcycle license in Tasmania, Mike is nearest to the camera

Pre-world trip 'testing' in Tasmania. Jeanette's Bonnie SE proved useless on gravel due to the 17" wheel and was traded-in for a T100.