Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meet Rosie

Rosie, pictured right, is from Australia and cycled up from Germany to the Geiranger fjord! 
The best way to make your bike look less expensive:
put a Tony Abbott sticker on it!
The Geiranger fjord is a popular destination for motorcyclists from all over Europe. Touring bikes, adventure bikes, sports bikes, you name it. The occasional hard-core cyclist can be found here as well, but girls on bicycles are about as rare as Kangaroos around here. You can imagine my surprise to see one… which became an even bigger surprise when I heard her accent :-) She's an Aussie! Her bike has a big sticker on it; Australia needs an Abbott-proof fence… I like her already. For the few that have no idea who Abbott is; it's the current prime minister.

Obviously she doesn't like Tony Abbott. When I asked her why she put the sticker on her bike the reply was 'I wanted some stickers on there to make it look less expensive…' A Tony Abbott sticker does that alright :-)

Rosie cycled up from Germany, by herself, on her pushbike. I like the idea of cycling; slowly going around the world without polluting it, but have my doubts about some of the people doing it. We met a cyclist from France for instance when we were in Alaska who had been cycling around the world for three years. Nice guy but quite a few screws loose… or missing(!) if you know what I mean. Not Rosie, she's a nice girl from Victoria, Australia who just likes to cycle around the world. She's been to a few not so common places as well, China for instance, and all by herself.
We talked about Australia and what has happened there the last two years, where she was going etc. I noticed that her bike was pretty high-tech but the saddle still made by good old Brooks from England. 'Still the best saddle you can have' she said. All-in-all we spend about an hour talking to her. It was nice to hear proper English again too. The world definitely needs more Rosies!