Monday, September 8, 2014

Reaching the Arctic Circle

He's made it! And to prove that he did, we've put the 'One Aussie - One Dream' sticker on the sign!
Having already crossed the Arctic Circle In Alaska while on this trip, crossing it again in Norway was something of a milestone. The Arctic Circle in Alaska is just a sign, in Norway they built a complete tourist info centre, planted a monument and, of course, a souvenir shop!

The ride up to the Arctic Circle can be described in one word: wet! Actually, that should be two words: seriously wet! It was cold, wet and miserable. Quite a different feel than crossing the Arctic Circle in Alaska where we had 35°C. This crossing definitely had more of an Arctic feel :-) It also made it much more of an achievement somehow.

Officially entering Northern Norway
We took the obligatory photograph at the sign, mucked around trying to put Mike's sticker on it as well, looked at the souvenirs and fooled around a bit before going for an Arctic burger to warm up. 
Strangely enough the weather improved as we went further north. We had been chasing a blue spot in the sky for 4 days now, but it finally seemed in sight!

At the Arctic Circle monument, I've made it to the Arctic Circle for the second time in one trip!
As we rode further and further north, heading for the Lofoten, we did catch up to that elusive clear spot at the horizon and had some sunshine again. More on which in the next post.