Thursday, October 23, 2014

Camping Forteca

Every now and then we find a campground that's a pleasant surprise, a surprise we'd like to share so that you can enjoy them too. Quite often we find them at the most unexpected places and usually by pure accident. Camping Forteca wasn't any different… We had a different campground in our GPS for that day, one that turned out to be closed. Of course that always happens when it's already late, so we went looking for something else nearby. Camping Forteca was on our GPS list as well, yet when we got there, the sign only said Restaurant… and something about a Garden Party.
We rode in anyway, as it was quite late, but sort of knew that this must have been another rogue GPS coordinate, as we had seen many times before. Yet when we rode into the complex through the huge entry doors, we noticed something to the left that might be a camping. All we had to do now is convince the owner to allow us to camp as the season was over… Forteca turned out to be owned and operated by a Dutch/Polish couple. Mathijs welcomed us, opened the toilet block, turned on the hot water system for us and we were 'in business'.

The next morning, still tired from the long previous day, I walked around Forteca and took the photos you see here. It's a great place. Jeanette had some after effects from the wasp attack at the Wrocław campground which resulted in a not too well fitting helmet :-) and we thus decided to stay a bit longer, let Jeanette recover, do the maintenance on the bikes and take it easy. 
The restaurant at the campground offered good food for very modest prices, which was another thing that was very welcome as Jeanette was not 'in' for cooking with her swollen face. Forteca turned out to be a great place to stay! During the summertime they are very much a family campground, when we were there we had the place to ourselves! They can be found at N50.75525 E16.69561 and