Monday, December 15, 2014

Rok straps

Big roll top bag, held in place by Rok straps
I have a small Rok strap around my Duffle
(see text)
We all love the simplicity of bungy cords. We also know they aren't very durable, don't tie down very well and have caused quite a few eye problems all over the world when hooks came undone. Rok Straps have combined a normal strap with an elastic section and thus combined the good properties of both strap and bungy. What great idea. But how do they fare on a trip around the world?

We have used them on all 3 bikes since day one. Which, as I'm writing this, is more than two years. They are on the bikes at all times, have been exposed the most to UV radiation and all kinds of weather of all our gear and yet non of the 8 straps we have failed. We needed 2 per bike and I ordered 1 pair extra, in case one broke (which hasn't happened yet!). A great product that makes our life a lot easier.

The reason we have Rok straps is because our previous luggage didn't have them. The one I'm still using today was bought to keep my Ventura bag closed... Having said that, we still use the Rok straps as they are so easy to use. Once setup packing with Rok straps is as easy as click, click!