Monday, December 8, 2014


Mike kept finding mountain pass after mountain pass :-) He loves mountains, loves hairpins, loves riding his bike and enjoys every minute of it. As if the mountains aren't beautiful enough by themselves, we also found the trees in striking autumn colours. I know I've said it before but this part of the world is amazing. The route Mike had found for today took us shortly out of Italy, into the tax free area of Livigno and then into Switzerland, before going back into Italy again. Luckily the racers from yesterday stayed away, meaning we could enjoy the scenery so much more. We met really friendly people here actually and were happy to be motorcyclists again!

One of the passes we rode today is the Bernina. Another beauty. At the top we took some photos and met 3 motorcyclists from Italy and Germany. Very friendly people. We talked bikes for a while and they wanted to know all about our trip. An hour later we said goodbye, they rode back into Italy and we continued on into Switzerland. Shortly after my Bonneville reached a milestone, more on which in the next post. We visited the expensive ski-resort of St. Moritz, rode past the highland lakes and slowly made our way back into Italy. Switzerland was considerably colder than Italy, so going back south again was quite nice :-)

Planning our route was slowly getting more and more complicated as quite a few campgrounds are already closed. Finding out which ones are open and which ones have closed for the season is not as easy as it seems. Quite a few websites aren't clear about opening times and guides like the ACSI are inaccurate according to the campground owners. Today we found one at Lago di Como in Domaso. Nice people that gave us a discount because of what we were doing…! More on which in a future post.