Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Camping NorthWind Domaso

No, we haven't grown curly hair… this is Geoff from Holland who we met at NorthWind
In the small town of Domaso, along the shores of Lake Como, there are many campgrounds to be found. Further south you will find the hotels, Domaso is where most of the campgrounds are situated. How long this situation will remain is unclear as the nasty hotel lobby takes over campgrounds world wide. For the moment at least campers have the possibility to camp along the shores of Lake Como and probably not at a better place than the NorthWind Domasio campground. We looked at a couple of others as we wanted to stay at Lake Como for a few days and found this one the best of the lot.

In summertime, and even late spring, this is a real busy place. When we were there, early October, we virtually had the place to ourselves with just a couple of motorcyclists from the Netherlands, a Splitscreen Kombi van and one other camper. We think that camping in Europe, in general, is way overpriced. Italy is no exception. However, compared to the other we checked out at Lake Como, NorthWind Domaso is better (or perhaps I should say less expensive) and yet offers the same facilities. They have one of the best views too.

We hadn't seen any motorcyclists camping anymore for weeks, just one day after us Marit and Geoff arrived!
The campground is owned by a family, very friendly people, and well maintained. The toilet and shower building is perfect, apart from one little detail… there is no toilet paper! It's a bit weird at first as the building is relatively new, there is however a reason for it: the campground is accessible from the walking track along the shores of Lake Como to and everyone would come in and use the toilets. To me it's a bit weak as an excuse. They could have fitted locks on the doors or use key codes for instance. There is a little grocery store opposite the campground and guess what they sell a lot there :-) right: toilet paper!

The showers are coin operated but do have the best system I've seen so far. There is a button inside the shower cubicle where you can turn the water on or off, as soon as you turn the water off (to soap yourself for instance) the timer stops as well. I don't like coin operated showers as such, although I can understand the need for campground owners to somehow limit the idiots showering for hours, but this is the best system so far.

Mike was in heaven here as in the same little lane where the campground entry is, is a pizza place that makes 44 different types of 100% pure home made Italian pizzas! NorthWind Domaso can be found at N46.15145 E9.33784 or