Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The people behind the scenes

Three generations running Sayto, the biggest motorcycle parts supplier in Mexico
It's not often that we get to meet the people behind the scene. The ones that normally stay in the background and of which only a handful know about. Sayto in Guadalajara, Mexico is such a company. You will probably never meet or talk to them but when you order a part for your motorcycle anywhere in Mexico, chances are it is Sayto who's going to make sure they arrive at the dealer you ordered them from. 

Sayto is the main parts supplier for motorcycle shops in Mexico. Having been at their premises, we couldn't help but being impressed. It's a big company which runs efficiently but also a family company. No less than 3 generations work at Sayto. Juan Manuel is the managing director, obviously a busy man as he travels around the world to have parts made to his exact standards, if they are not available from the manufacturer. Sayto also supplies Avon tyres in Mexico and helped us to get the tyres we needed and send them to possibly the best bike shop he could have send them to: Motorama. When two tyres were missing, due to miscommunication, Juan Manuel arranged for them to be airfreighted to Chetumal, at no cost to us. Is this a great guy or what! He also donated the beautiful Barry Sheen design helmet we've shown on our Facebook page, supplied new inner tubes and even anti-leak stuff when he heard we've had 4 flat tyres already. As you can read we have used them in Italy!

You can find Sayto and check out the products they offer by clicking here