Sunday, May 17, 2015

A break in Carinthia

The weather forecast for the next two days was pretty dismal, which would have meant entering Slovenia in the pouring rain and thus missing most of it's beauty. Despite the weather we had luck on our side though as we found a beauty of a campground with free wifi in southern Austria, near the Slovenian border! We decided to stay put for two days, update the blog, sort through our photos and answer a stockpile of e-mails. To make it even better we were allowed to take up a corner of the restaurant on the campground, right next to the wood heater. A great way to sit out a few rainy days!

The place we stayed at is Alpenferien Park in Reisach, Carinthia which can be found at: N46.65524° E13.14804° They are on the free Garmin Openstreetsource maps too. When we arrived they weren't actually open yet for the summer season but we could stay anyway. Carmen and Andries van der Haar, a young couple with Dutch roots, bought the campground two years ago and have since put a lot of effort in modernising it. The toilets and showers are first class, there is a pool fed by a natural spring and they have opened a restaurant on site too (with real Italian Pizzas!) We were actually the first to sample their real Italian Pizzas! Andries asked us to be critical! All we can say is order them! They are great!

The campground is literally on the border with Italy, the mountains we looked at from our tent were in Italy. Slovenia is also less than an hour away but of course Carinthia itself isn't bad for a visit either! 

We limited ourselves to camping, but the couple also have cabins and rooms for rent. They are open in the winter season too, maybe not the best season for motorbike travel but perfect if you like skiing. For us it was 'wood heated' blog-central. We were able to upload all our photos and video, edit the blog and enjoyed their hospitality. Unfortunately the photos don't do it much justice because of the rainy weather but believe me it's a good place to stay, which is why we have made this post!