Friday, January 3, 2014

Charity support - Motorcycle Outreach

Motorcycle Outreach

We stumbled upon a webpage of the late Simon Milward and were immediately impressed with what we saw. Simon's story is an inspiring one. He started a journey around the world in 2000, as a global humanitarian motorcyclist who championed effective healthcare delivery by motorcycle based upon the successful Riders for Health model. Simon helped to establish a pilot project Health for All based on the Riders for Health zero breakdown principles on the remote Indonesian island of Flores. Sadly, Simon lost his life in a road accident in Mali in 2005, but Simon’s family and close colleagues have worked to ensure that Simon’s legacy and vision for sustainable healthcare delivery in developing countries survives. They set-up Motorcycle Outreach Ltd in 2005 to build upon the work started by Simon. Motorcycle Outreach will ensure that the Health for All pilot project continues to be financially supported and continues to develop best practice which can be applied in other areas. 

The basic principle of Motorcycle Outreach is to provide transportation for healthcare workers in developing countries. The motorcycle is still the best vehicle for remote areas. Motorcycle Outreach' aims and approach are extremely similar to those of Riders for Health, the main difference is geographic. Riders’ is focussed exclusively on dealing with issues in Africa whereas Motorcycle Outreach is focussed on other regions. It’s a big world.

Road safety
Supplying motorcycles is one thing, making sure they can provide a safe form of transport is quite another. Motorcycle Outreach and Health for All take a number of measures to improve road safety both for the healthcare workers and by their example for the public at large. They do so by Comprehensive rider training both on-road and off-road and motorcycle maintenance and repair training programmes for all riders. All riders are trained in first aid and healthcare and are supplied with quality riding equipment including high visibility vests. Regular motorcycle maintenance is done at the workshop to manufacturer specifications whereby the use of quality consumables and spare parts avoid failures. 

Motorcycle Outreach is an organisation we are passionate about, and we hope you will be too. Have a look at their website at and donate to help them to help others.

Simon Millward, (1965 - 2005) The man who started it all in 2000 and who's legacy ensures healthcare arrives in remote places all over the world