Thursday, January 2, 2014

Charity support - The Wildcat Sanctuary

The Wildcat Sanctuary

Ok, ok, ok… we might be a bit biased here as we like cats. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your help! We find it unbelievable how many big cats are still kept in captivity. Sooner rather than later  most of them end up at a cat sanctuary… if they are lucky. One could argue, and we do, that the really lucky ones don’t get caught and remain in the wild. But short of that, the ones that did spend their life as a pet can be lucky too and spend their last years at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota!  

The Wildcat Sanctuary is a non for profit cat rescue organisation located in Minnesota. They offer a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and try to inspire a change in thinking to end capturing wildlife.  The Wildcat Sanctuary is funded solely on private donations. Combining natural and spacious habitats with a life free of exhibition, allowing all cats to live wild at heart. As a true sanctuary, They don’t buy, breed, sell or exhibit animals. The Wildcat Sanctuary is accredited by the American Sanctuary Association and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  They are also licensed by the USDA and members of the American Zookeepers Association.

The cats deserve your help and so do the good people at The Wildcat Sanctuary. Check out their very good website at and don’t forget to look at the videos. Don’t forget to donate either!