Sunday, March 30, 2014

100 Posts!

What a fitting end to our Mexican Adventure! As I'm sitting here next to the border with Belize and ready to leave this country that we have come to love so much, I'm writing post number 100 for our blog. We've worked hard the last couple of days to get all the photos sorted, videos edited and the pages made up, but most of all get it all uploaded. 

Reasonable Wifi has been hard to find lately and has slowed us down considerably in getting the photo and video material uploaded to the blog. So much so that we have considered getting mobile internet on our laptop. Finding a provider that works South America wide wasn't the problem but the costs were…

We've also uploaded our complete 2014 campground directory for Mexico as a GPX file, which is suitable for any Garmin GPS. Don't have a Garmin GPS? Don't worry, you can use them also in the freely available Garmin programme Basecamp (see and go to software downloads). Click here to go to the 2014 list of campgrounds and instructions on how to use them.

Reflecting back on Mexico is a hard one. Part of me wants to turn around and go north if only to visit the many wonderful places we have seen again. Of course there are many parts in Mexico we haven't seen yet either, so we'll have to come back one day and we will! Rather than writing again about what we've seen, we've made a photo compilation of 4,5 months in Mexico below. It's a selection photos that, we think, captures the special moments and triggers precious memories. If you want to know what they are all about… just read all our posts on Mexico again!