Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lowlife living the highlife…

Have you ever seen this? Room service at your tent(!) from the local restaurant!
Camping hasn't been all that flash the last couple of weeks. We counted ourselves lucky when we found a spot that had a toilet… toilet paper is an accessory, as are toilet seats and hand wash basins. We didn't even ask about showers anymore… let alone hot showers. The last campground in Mexico wasn't going to be different we thought, it's a border town and the only campground there. But guess what?

The campground at Chetumal is not just worth mentioning, it's absolutely amazing! Not only does it have real grass to put the tent on(!), it's also green and well maintained… There is a pool, a great pool! It's right at the Caribbean Coast, in the Bay of Chetumal. There is power, there is Wifi and… wait for it… it has a shower! A proper shower for human beings! It has tiles, a shower head that isn't clogged up and even hot water! 

We couldn't believe our luck, but it wasn't over yet! The campground also has a restaurant where you can order food and to our surprise could eat at our campsite, which was handy for us as we were working on the blog, photos and video etc. We just ordered hamburgers, nothing special, and thought we'll hear a yell when it's ready. To our utter amazement two waiters showed up, they setup a table… put our food on it… and afterwards took it all away again and cleaned the table so we could use it as our editing table again, right at the tent!

We were gobsmacked! For all this; a beautiful campground, great showers and toilets, grass, wifi, power, a pool and a view to die for… 250 pesos for 3 persons! Oh, and the burgers? Big, great and loaded for 65 pesos including fries! It's 10 metres to the fresh water pool, 10 metres to the salt water pool and there are 7 canons on the seawall to keep the pirates away. Man we like it here! What a great way to end our journey through Mexico!

The other campground we were living the highlife was the Pyramid Inn in Chichén Itzá. Also a place which surprised us. Being at walking distance to the famous ruins we had expected it to be an expensive dump. It wasn't, far from it. Camping by the pool, ride the bikes through the lobby and under the same palapa we had the tents under too. Beautiful spot, power, wifi and even light in the palapa… all for 150 pesos for 3!

Yes... he is jumping in the pool while on a chair…!