Sunday, March 30, 2014

The right persons came along… and at the right time too!

Sometimes the right person comes along at just the right time. Today was such a day! We still felt somewhat shitty because of what had just happened the previous two days during our visit with two 'famous' travellers, and were hardly in the mood for conversation. Yet when Matt, Kanchan and Nick came along our spirits were lifted in a matter of minutes. These people just ooze friendliness and are so down to earth that you can't help but feel happy. We sure hope to meet them all again!

It's funny though how a crappy morning can turn in a beautiful afternoon! We felt quite down about how things had turned out. Mike had high hopes of talking to two 'famous' travellers as they had said they wanted to meet us but in the end they didn't want to talk to him and spend time in an internet cafe instead... Were these people finding themselves too famous to even talk to us? Who knows. We pitched our tents on another campground along the Caribbean coast and talked about the events of the past days, when a BMW riding couple came past followed by a Kawasaki riding traveller.

Matt is on a trip to Panama on a simple but effective Kawasaki KLR. He is clearly enjoying himself, as you can see on his blog He is genuinely interested and without him knowing it, he lifted our spirits singlehandedly. We talked about his and our trip and both our experiences so far. We really enjoyed his down to earth approach to life and wished he was camping where we were, as we could have talked for hours more.

Kanchan and Nick stopped by a little bit later. They live in Texas, just came from Belize and were on their way home. Mexico was the last leg of their 3 year around the world trip, they have been on the road since October 2011! See their website at Just like Matt, they are lovely people. We had a lot to talk about and when they left, almost two hours later, we felt much better than we could have imagined just a couple of hours before.

It's nice to meet people that are genuinely friendly, helpful, willing to share and just down to earth. We had great afternoon just because they stopped by and just wanted a chat. I also learned not to judge a book by its cover… there are nice people on big BMWs too :-)