Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Caribbean

We're at the Caribbean Coast. It's one of those places that you only have to mention to make people jealous. I mean, imagine sitting in a grey dull office all day, every day and then read about a couple of motorcyclists sitting on the beach in the Caribbean… It's enough to make you mad isn't it? Of course it is. But you still want to read about it, so we'll tell and show you what it's like.

So what is it like then? Well, it's everything they say it is. The beaches are pristine white, the sea is emerald green, the skies are clear and blue and the palm trees wave slowly in the breeze. The temperature is perfect too, it's really lovely. Or is it? As I write this post, we have been here now for two days and enjoyed perfect weather plus all of the above. Yet we are ready to leave. I mean seriously, how long can you look at white sand before you're getting bored with it? That's not the reason we are leaving though.

Next to us is a palapa style restaurant that plays Bob Marley songs… all day long… That was seriously enough for me to hate Bob Marley by now. Looking to the left I see, and above all hear, a group of French retirees playing Jeu de Boules. Why on earth they feel it's necessary to take them with them on a holiday is beyond me. If you like playing Jeu de Boules that much then perhaps just stay at home? To the right are a couple of girls that think they're pretty and want to show as much of their bodies as they can… including a G-string bikini while the buttocks on display look like someone fired shotgun pellets at them…! Yuk. Where are the Pirates of the Caribbean when you need them I wondered, maybe they could abduct them or something. In between these two images walk retirees of a certain obesity that kind of obstruct the whole view of the Caribbean and replace it with gallops of white flesh that bounces up and down as they walk past… What a view indeed... 

A lady that offers massage therapy in one of the bungalows nearby said I should be walking barefoot on the sand to feel connected to the earth… Eeeh? She was dead serious! I should remove my boots and walk on the beach barefoot, it would make me feel better and prevent illnesses… Right. It's one of those moments when I'm lost for words. Well, I tried it today. Twinkletoes on the beach!

She was absolutely right though, I did indeed feel connected to the earth. Especially when I stepped in some kind of thorny twig that was hidden in the sand. Oh boy did I feel connected and did the earth's electric energy flow into my body. Walking around for an hour or so along the water's edge I came to the following conclusion: man invented boots hundreds of years ago and did so for a reason. Being connected and electric energy may all be very true, but boots just walk a lot better than barefoot. Boots prevent illnesses to, when they prevent that thorn to cut into your skin and cause an infection.

So, there you have it. The Caribbean is nice, when Bob Marley is quiet, the girls get properly dressed, the French go home, the retirees stay indoors and with your boots on!